We proudly present you a list of 50 selected to our likings, knowledge and personal experiences, places, monuments, restaurants, ways of spending your spare time which in our opinion are worth your attention while your stay in Szczecin.


  1. Non-commercial productions, wonderful historic atmoshpere and fantastic rooms. In Szczecin you have to watch a film in the oldest cinema in the world. Kino Pionier was opened in 1909 and it functions until today. http://www.kino-pionier.com.pl/nasze-kino

  2. Do you like music and modern architecture? Philharmonic of Szczecin is the place you need to visit then. It was awarded with Mies van der Rohe Award this year. You can't describe it with words, you can sing it out or even better – hear its sound during one of the concerts. http://filharmonia.szczecin.pl/en

  3. Are you an automotive geek and you'd like to drive a tram from the XX century? Museum of Technology and Communication guarantees you an unforgettable adventure! http://en.muzeumtechniki.eu/

  4. You're not a real student if you don't take part in the biggest annual students' event – Juwenalia. Pageant, students dressed up in colourful outfits, etc. You HAVE to experience it in order to feel it.

  5. Honestly, we students like to eat good, especially for little money. Nowhere else in Poland or Europe you will find such delicacies as pasztecik, frytoburger and szczeciński piernik (gingerbread). What are those? Taste them to find out! You won't regret it.

  6. Szczecin is surrounded by lush green and many lakes. Have you ever seen an emerald lake? You can find it in Szczecin and spend a nice time in nature.

  7. A moment of rest is even more precious when you hold a cup of coffee in your hand and gloat at the magnificent view. There is no better place than Cafe 22 which is located on the last floor of the tallest building in Szczecin, PAZIM, with a panoramic view of the city. And if you don't have time to build castles in the air, you can also enjoy yourself visiting Flower Avenue (Aleja Kwiatowa) and taste delicious coffee in Cafe Mondo.

  8. Bike trips is a perfect idea for active students to spend some free time. Take a bike ride out of town to breath in a fresh air far from this urban noise.

  9. While your stay in Poland, you should learn about our traditions. One of them is connected to spring arrival. For it to be sunny and warm, on the first day of spring you have to burn and drown the Madder (Marzanna) which is a kind of a puppet. Yep, you read it right – burn it and throw it into the river! Say goodbye to winter and savour the first rays of sun

  10. Want to feel some adrenaline? Or perhaps you'd like to overcome your fear of heights? Whatever the reason, Tarzania Rope Park gives you an opportunity to climb on different difficulty levels.
  11. Feel the need for speed? Gokarts is your choice – show off your abilities and win in a race.

  12. Think about staying in Szczecin during summer if you plan on seeing the biggest firework show in Europe. Pyromagic show, accompanied by music, is something you just cannot miss.

  13. Tired of this madness and the only thing you dream about is a nice rest? Bulwary Szczecińskie seems to be the perfect place for a proper chillout. Meet your friends there, take a good book or just put your headphones on, turn the music on and 'let the solitude fade slowly into you'. :)

  14. You don't have to be a big fan of nature to appreciate the beauty of Szczecin's spring. You may witness something unique and magical, when at the beginning of spring, Jasne Błonia are covered with gorgeous purple flowers. During summer you might want to make a picnic in Park Kasprowicza.

  15. Szczecin is located by the sea – you already know it's not true! However, the city is strongly connected with the sea and in order to commemorate the role of sailors and the city's relation to the water, Marine Days (Dni Morza) are organised annually. During that time you can listen to many concerts, eat delicious grilled food or try a cotton candy.

  16. Everyone once in a while wants to feel like a prince or a princess. You can make it happen by visiting the royal court of Pomeranian Dukes.

  17. Szczecin has a rich, yet complicated history and when it comes to the World War II, it is worth mentioning the underground city, which currently is accessible for visitors.

  18. Deptak Bogusława is definitely students' meeting point. There are lots of bars, restaurants, pubs so even the most picky person can find something for himself/herself.

  19. As Szczecin is located by the water, it is worth exploring the city not only on land, but also by renting a motorboat. For those of you seeking more adventures, you might like the vision of cayaking through Odra river.

  20. You can find many interesting monuments in Park Kasprowicza. One of them is Hasior's birds – take a picture of them before they fly away ;)

  21. You can't say you've been to Szczecin without trying paprykarz szczeciński first (regional delicacy made of rice, fish and tomato paste).

  22. You like beer, huh? Beers known not only in Poland, but also in Europe, are brewed in Szczecin's breweries, so it's a must to try chilled Bossman or any other local beer. And what is the best place if not Nowy Browar where you can also watch a match?

  23. Wały Chrobrego for many are considered to be the central point in the city, so in your spare time go for a walk in a late afternoon and admire its beauty.

  24. Venice in Szczecin – impossible? Take your time and try to discover the place and believe it.

  25. Do your best to find all Lump’s murals and admire the street art of Szczecin

  26. There is only one day in a year where Jarmark Jakubowy (Jacobean Fair) takes place. You can buy a lot of interesting things there such as spices, sweet, delicacies, souvenirs and accessories to your room. Have you made a list? :)

  27. If you like bird’s- eye views you should definitely go to the very top of the cathedral where is the highest viewpoint in Szczecin.The Northern Paris is something you have to visit as fast as possible!
  28. Go for a walk and feel the great atmosphere of Szczecin's Old Town.

  29. Szczecin lies on the coast, so it’s a great opportunity to go to the seaside and swim in the Baltic Sea, at least once. And since Szczecin is linked with the sea with many bus and train connections, having a one day trip on the beach shouldn't be that much of a problem.

  30. Do you want to discover the history of Szczecin that you won’t find in a guidebook? Go for a walk in Quistorp’s Tower ruins.

  31. One of the biggest cemeteries in Poland is Cmentarz Centralny in Szczecin. It is not only the burial place, but also a great, beautiful park with a lake in the centre. We highly recommend to take a meditative walk there.

  32. On ZUT Campus there are a basketball court, table tennis tables and some benches. It’s a must for every student to drink a beer there, but you must remember that in Poland, drinking alcohol in public places is against the law ;) It's also a great place to make a barbecue with your friends.

  33. You won’t regret going to the football match of Pogoń Szczecin or american football match of Husaria Szczecin.

  34. Take the opportunity while walking on Wały Chrobrego and visit Provincial Office building.

  35. Bismarck tower with an observation deck located on Green Hill on the outskirts of Szczecin Gocław is another of the monuments which are worth seeing. It is the most expensive of the built towers Bismarck.

  36. Are you bored of preparing your breakfasts? Or maybe you would like to eat it in a big and cheerful company? On Jasne Błonia, breakfasts are being organised periodically.

  37. Do you like romantic rose gardens and concents? Go to Różanka! You can also eat ice creams on your way to Summer Theatre.

  38. Arkonka is the best place to go on the hot day- you can cool yourself and swim there.

  39. Go to a concert or sports event in Azoty Arena.

  40. Discover historical Starka cellars and find out what is stored there.

  41. Visit and learn the history of Orion Squares.

  42. Go back in time and take a ride in an antique tram.

  43. During winter period go to Szczecin’s „Gubałówka” where you can skate.

  44. Take a look at exhibits of National Museum in Szczecin or Trafostacja - the newest contemporary art centre.

  45. Colourful fountains near Pleciuga catch eyes and hearts of many tourists, what is your opinion about them?

  46. Feel like Fred Flinstone and go to the Bowling Galaxy.

  47. There are many attractions for active people in Szczecin. Choose your weapon: laser or paintball, and fight your friends on a battlefield!

  48. Do you want to taste a dinner which tastes as if Polish grandma made it? Go to famous Turysta bar.

  49. Are you looking for souvenirs for your family? Go shopping to one of the shopping centres: Kaskada or Galaxy.

  50. Find out wild nightlife of Szczecin!