In Szczecin there are various universities that participate in the Erasmus+ programme and have an offer for the international exchange students. 

Firstly, if you would like to spend an academic year or semester in Szczecin, you should check the studying possibilities. Make sure that your home university has an agreement with one of the universities in Szczecin (usually this information is provided by your local coordinator). Another important thing is to check if the receiving institution offers English taught courses in your area of study and their availability for the academic year that you are choosing for your Erasmus exchange. However, sometimes even if the agreement between universities does not include the courses you need, you can contact the host institution and they might try to help you to make your exchange possible. 

Once you make sure your stay is possible and the courses you are interested in are available - you must submit the application to your host university. Usually you do it through an online platform, so please check the receiving university’s website for more information. To complete the application you might need: transcript of records (list of courses you completed at your home university before departure), proposed Learning Agreement, copy of your ID/passport, a certificate of language knowledge (can be issued by your home university, by your English teacher), health insurance, a photo. However this is only an example and required documents may vary in different institutions. 

After your application has been processed and once you are successfully accepted by the host university - an official letter of acceptance will be sent to you. 

Remember that application process varies in sending/receiving institutions so it is always better to check with your local coordinator and your chosen host university. 

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