The most convenient way to get to Szczecin is by plane. The nearest airport is located in Szczecin Goleniów, but not many countries have this connection.
Even if they have, the tickets are usually very expensive.
You may also book tickets to:
Berlin Schonefeld
Berlin Tegel
Poznań Ławica
Warsaw Chopin

Here we have got some tips about how to get to Szczecin from Warsaw, Poznań and Berlin.
1. If you landed at Warsaw Chopin airport there is a direct train connection from the Warsaw Chopin Airport to the city centre (to the Warsaw Central Railway Station). The trains run approx. every 15 minutes and the ride takes 25 minutes. Tickets are sold at the ticket machines at the station or on the train. Another way is to take line 175 bus (running daily 3 times an hour during the week and once an hour on weekends) or a N 32 night bus (running daily) to reach the Central Railway Station in Warsaw (in Polish: dworzec Centralny). The bus terminal is located in front of the south pier on the arrivals level. The fare is about PLN 4.00. A bus ticket can be bought at newsagent’s on the base floor in the arrival zone of the airport or from the vehicle's driver, or in a ticket machine on a bus (if available). You should get off at dworzec Centralny bus stop after about 30 min.

2. If you landed at Poznan Ławica there is one bus line L, every hour and 15 or 45 minutes. Tickets are sold at the ticket machines in front of the airport or on the bus. You should get off at dworzec Centralny bus stop after about 30 min. The price of the ticket is PLN 4,60.

3. OK, you are in Warszawa Centralna railway station or Poznan railway station. If you want to go to Szczecin by train, go inside and simply buy a ticket for the train. There is station’s ticket office (in polish: KASA), where you should buy a direct train ticket to Szczecin Główny. The jouney from Poznań to Szczecin Główny takes two and a half hour and from Warszawa it is around four and a half hour journey. The price of the ticket is approx. PLN 40.00-72.00. It's better if you choose TLK as those trains are cheaper.

4. If you decide to go to Berlin the best way is to take a bus. The most popular lines are Interglobus and PKS Szczecin. Here you can find more information, sometimes you can buy ticket with a great bargain! Another way to travel from Berlin is via train.

5. Choosing any of the ways of arrival from above will finish at the railway station (Dworzec Główny). No matter which time you will arrive, your mentor will be there waiting for you. But what if they cannot come to pick you up DON’T WORRY!

6. Near Train station you have bus stop Dworzec Główny you can take a bus line 61 or 81 - students who will live in DS 4 then get off on Szwoleżerów bus stop. You will need normal ticket for 20 min (2 PLN). Nearby, within a 3-minute walk, there is dormitory DS4, you should just cross the street and go between dormitory DS5 and DS3 and go down the stairs, there is your dorm.
If you are from Kordecki you can take bus 61,75,81 and go to Kościuszki bus stop. In front of this bus stop is a tram stop, where you should go by going straight to the first crossing on the left side. You just need to go one stop (Sikorskiego) and you will need the same ticket for 2 PLN. When you get off tram 8 you will see very high building on your right side which is your dormitory.
For people who are living in Andromeda, Arkona, it is better if somebody waits for you because travel is more complicated. But if you want to try you can take bus 61,75,81 and go to Wyszyńskiego. When you get there, take a fast bus A and go to Chopina bus stop, ticket for you will cost 4 pln. When you get off, go back a little bit, then cross the street twice, and if you see small gate you need to go there, there are 3 dormitories and the last one is Andromeda.

7. You can always ask about taxi, but please remember that it is better to call a taxi because you will pay less.

8. Below you will find links to timetables and prices:
Follow me bus
PKS Szczecin
Berlin train
Buses in Szczecin