Because week 28.04-04.05. 2014 it's International SocialErasmus Week ESN Szczecin want to suggest you to be more social during you time in our city ;)

Because this week we celebrate also 10 years Poland in Europeen Union in Szczecin it will be a lot of activities during whole weekend.

So the plan is: ...

30.04.2014 - we want to organise for you a small trip: "Get know better Szczecin" it will be walking trip to see the monuments the most important in Szczecin, which for sure you've already seen but you don't know what is that. We will try to explain you the history and tradition. ;)
Start: 5p.m next to the castle. More info this afternoon.

1.05.2014 - in Jasne Błonia is all day festival So you can go there and see polish traditional music, food, games. there will be a lot of activities. And at the and of the day concerts of polish band:
19:30 Łona, Webber & the Pimps - the band from Szczecin you have some clips of them here:
20:30 Hey - rock polish band playlist here:

3.05.2014 It's national day of constitustion so for more sportive people we suggest to join Cours of constitution: 5 or 10km start 5 p.m but frst you have to sign up here: but for this you have to pay 40 zł.
But for free we have at 7p.m concert of rock bands: ime to Express, Dead on Time, Emerld, Slaveout. In court of castel.

4.05.2014 Also in court of castel at 4p.m you can see polish folk band of dans and sing: Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Ziemi Goleniowskiej INA. Free entrance.

Remeber it's only one opportunity to get know more polish culture and Szczecin! ;)

Be More Social! ♥

10/11/2014 to 16/11/2014