We hope that you are excited about our next event!

It will be  a charity event called International Dinner.

We hope not only to help the children in need but also to provide you with fun, interesting experiences and let you explore the cuisine and culture of other countries! 

As we mentioned before, the entrance to the event is free, however since it will be a charity event,

you will have the opportunity to donate by buying the pass and getting access to the food.

If you would like to take a more active part in the event, bring or cook the traditional food/drinks/snacks from your own country and win some prizes.

You should fill out the form below


We plan to have seperate tables for each representing country, so you can bring as much food and drinks as you can.


12.01.2022 at 18:30 for those bringing food | 19:00 for everyone else


Szafa Pub - Aleja Bohaterów Warszawy 55, 71-899 Szczecin

Minimum Amount of donation is 15 ZL/PLN

We encourage you to fill out the form and participate!

See you at the event!

12/01/2022 - 18:30
Szafa Pub
Aleja Bohaterów Warszawy 55
71-899 Szczecin
  • Everyone is invited.