Ahoy sailors!
We’ve had some amazing parties so far this semester, but this is going to be the best of them all!
We’re taking you on a BOAT PARTY! There’s nothing better than a whole boat just for us  And what’s more - we’ll have our own DJ and there’s a bar on board!
Do you want to miss partying with your best friends, watching the sunset and seeing Szczecin from the river?  We don’t think so! Get on board and let’s rock this boat!
Later we’ll continue with an after party in Lulu

WHERE: Joanna Boat (Bulwar Piastowski, 70-001 Szczecin)
PRICE: 35 zł (until 12.05, and then 35 zł + chocolate)

‼️ To join the event you have to fill the form: bit.ly/2Lek4j8
There is a limited amount of places
‼️ You only have a guaranteed spot after you make the payment
You can make the payment in our office on 08.05 or 13.05 - we’ll keep you updated about the opening hours (address: Szwoleżerów 18a, room 9, 71-062 Szczecin)

Event on facebook: Boat party with ESN Szczecin

15/05/2019 - 19:00
Joanna Boat
Meeting Point: 
Bulwar Piastowski, 70-001 Szczecin
  • Everyone is invited.