ESNOLYMPICS is the national project of ESN Poland allowing foreign students from the whole Poland to take part in sport competitions almost like Olympic Games. During the eliminations in different Polish cities, we select teams, who will meet in Warsaw to compete for the best of the best title

The beginning of this project is based on many local sport initiatives, but the first big intercollegiate competition took place in 2009 in Warsaw as a part of celebration of XX anniversary of Erasmus Student Network. The main idea of the sport games was very popular, both among glad participants and enthusiastic organizers. Foreign students coming to Poland were practicing hard and pushed us to organize the next editions. As the result – in May 2011, representatives of 11 Polish cities competed to gain the champion’s cup.

IV Final ESNOLYMPICS behind us!

6th edition of ESNOLYMPICS

In 2016, the sixth edition of our project will take place. We are going to organize two different levels of our competition: local and nationwide.
In April 2016 local eliminations are going to be performed in 12 major Polish cities and the winners from each city will take part in the nationwide final. Then the winner from polish eliminations will compete with the best teams from Europe in the project ESN TEAM. Nationwide final are going to be organized on 22-24 April 2016 in Lodz, on premises of Technical University of Lodz , which will ensure proper sports facilities.

Lodz will turn into a real international sport village. Competitors will be supported, by a lot of fans and students. Thanks to online video transmission, everyone who is interested in finals will be able to watch and support theirs representatives.

After all day of sport competitions the winners are going to be awarded. The culmination of the whole weekend will be the final Gala, during which we are going to sum up the sixth edition of ESNOLYMPICS.

See you next year at the VII finale ESNOLYMPICS!

We want to congratulate all winners and we hope to see you in a year for next edition of ESNOLYMPICS!

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