ESN US Szczecin is local section of the organisation at University of Szczecin. However, in our crew there are also people from other universities especially students from West Pmeranian University of Technology Szczecin. ESN US Szczecin is a group of nearly 30 open-minded and positive people. Many of us are ex-Erasmus students, so we are aware of the needs of exchange students. From the very beginning we have been there for you, for example by organizing the Mentor/Buddy programme providing you with help from one of our polish students, the introduction day when you can meet people from International office. To facilitate academic and social integration we organizing welcome week. During the whole academic year you can take part in all events, parties, trips, a variety of sport activities, there are also other social events. Remember that even numerous and great inspiring events are not the same without the company of people! We are group people who are there to help you accomodate to life in our wonderful country and make you feel like home!