Are you going to be an international student in Szczecin during the next semester and you would like to know someone that can help you around the city?

ESN Szczecin Buddy Program is organised to help you establish a social and academic network starting from day one. Incoming student are notified about the person’s details (name, e-mail address, etc.) in due time before their arrival and asked to get in touch with their buddies to communicate the details of their arrival and get the answer to any questions they may have on practicalities of student life in Szczecin and at University.

We contribute in making the start of the semester a joyful and exciting experience for the ones starting a new journey of their life in our city.

Your buddy will help you with: - Finding accommodation or helping to you with all files in dormitory - Helping with legalization of stay - Giving you a tour around Szczecin if you want - Introducing you to other international students and the nice places to hang out - Introducing you to all the ESN Szczecin activities that will happen during the upcoming semester

As a rule, our buddies are active on Facebook, don’t worry if they will not answer immediately. Please remember is very important to give all details to International Office, check few Times if your e-mail is corect, we don’t want any troubles. Since your Buddy will be a native, you will get a chance to discover all the particularities of Polish lifestyle. Finally, you will be able to understand what is a pierogi, smalec, bigos or barszcz. You will have an opportunity to learn really strange polish language with all: sz, cz, ś, ż, ą, ę, ł.

Journeys for one smile, friends in every corner of Europe, conquering the language barrier - all without leaving Poland and with no financial outlay. Impossible... Many people have found that it can be real and it is at your fingertips.

No language can be hard...
Browsing the ads offering internships or work you can find a solid canon of requirements: computer skills, experience and knowledge of a foreign language. This formula is repeated like a mantra in the most interesting offers.
The limits of my world are the limits of my language? If you can overcome the limits and enhance your cognitive abilities and job prospects, nobody regrets spending the time and the energy for this purpose. The effects are measurable with respect to the investment - the freedom of communication ensures that we take full advantage of the opportunities of living in opened Europe and the world- not to mention the demands of employers. But why spend money on grinding of artificial language in meeting occupational situations when you can work out in reality and it's free, while helping others and developing ourselves while being mentors.
Mentor is a project of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) an international student non-profit organization that helps people arriving from all over Europe and the world for an exchange to Poland in facing the "first steps" in our land and in the organization of activities that give them the opportunity to know better Poland and the Polish reality.

Exchange your life - Explore Europe in Poland
"Being a mentor has just advantages. Practicing a foreign language in practical situations, and at the same time getting to know amazing people and their" other "world and culture in which they grew up, convictions and beliefs. This is an enriching experience not only for the improvement of foreign language skills" says Kasia, who was a mentor in the previous semester. A mentor is someone who helps you to acclimatize to the new location. It is a kind of Polish ambassador, in the eyes of foreigners, who are often meeting with Polish culture for the first time.
You do not have to be a student to become a mentor, the project is also opened to high school students.

Europe at your feet!
Project Mentor provides many opportunities for growth and knowledge of Europe without leaving Poland, improves the knowledge of a foreign language (you can choose the nationality of the person you want to deal with) and makes us more open-minded, tolerant and more understanding for another cultures. Participation in the project Mentor makes us looking from a different perspective on certain processes in Europe, makes us more courageous and willing to learn something new, concludes Kasia.