If you like an active lifestyle or you don’t want use public trasport we have for you the best alternative! Bike_S is a self-serviced bike rental system, which consists of 33 stations and 338 bikes. You can easily rent a bike to get any place you need or just have pleasure of cycling or use your bike to see place which you can’t see when you are using car.

You can register now! The 4th generation BikeS starts on March 1, 2022. We invite you to register!

Registration is only possible via the Roovee mobile app. It can be downloaded for free from our website (bikes-srm.pl) and from Google Play, App Store and App Gallery.

It is available in four languages: Polish, German, English and Ukrainian. The application allows, among others: paying the starting fee (PLN 20), topping up the account, purchasing a subscription, locating parking zones and available bikes, booking a bike, and above all, renting a bike by scanning the QR code from the electronic lock.

There are 800 bikes equipped with GPS and autonomous locks waiting for future users. The system will be open all year round, not from March to November as before.

The former docking stations will replace the regular bicycle racks with "Parking Zone" signs, and their number will increase from 87 to 99. The system works according to new rules. Therefore, also those who were previously registered with the rental shop and want to use it again must register again. People who have not canceled their existing accounts, but want to do so, please send an application for deletion of the account and a refund to the address biuro@bikes-srm.pl.

Please include the following data in the application:

  1. customer ID (phone number)
  2. first name and last name
  3. address
  4. Bank account number.

The new BikeS price list is an offer for those who want to use bikes systematically (subscriptions 18 and 45 PLN) and those who will ride from time to time (6 groszy per minute). According to the basic price list, a minute of driving costs 6 groszy. So we will pay PLN 18 for 5 hours of driving. This is exactly what the 30-day subscription costs. The monthly subscription price includes 60 minutes a day.

This means that for PLN 18 we get a package of minutes worth PLN 108. The quarterly (90-day) subscription is even more attractive in terms of price. Here, for PLN 45, we get a 90-hour package worth PLN 324.

What you choose? We start on March 1. The new system is being built by the Orange-Roovee consortium. You can register today. Download the Roovee app and create an account with the new BikeS!

More information you can find

Website:  Bike_S Szczecin city bike

Facebook page Bike_S Szczecin city bike