If you like an active lifestyle or you don’t want use public trasport we have for you the best alternative! Bike_S is a self-serviced bike rental system, which consists of 33 stations and 338 bikes. You can easily rent a bike to get any place you need or just have pleasure of cycling or use your bike to see place which you can’t see when you are using car.
Register at www.bikes-srm.pl, accept the rules and then pay 20 PLN in the Personal Lender Account. After this you will receive an e-mail and SMS with a login and a PIN. Next step is to visit again the website: www.bikes-srm.pl to top up your account.
Initial fee: 20 PLN
Minimal fee: 10 PLN
Up to 20 minute – 0 PLN
21 – 60 minutes – 1 PLN
Up to 120 minutes – 3 PLN
Up to 180 minutes – 5 PLN
Up to 240 minutes – 7 PLN

How bike sharing works?

More information you can find https://www.bikes-srm.pl/LocationsMap.aspx