When you arrive to Szczecin, university guarantees you a place in a room in one of the dormitories. For students of US it is 'Kordecki' dorm. When it comes to students of ZUT (West Pomeranian University of Technology), you can be assigned to either DS 4, Andromeda, Amicus or Arkona. Which dorm you will be allocated depends on your future faculty. Usually, students live in double rooms. Depending on the dormitory, kitchen may be shared by all students on one floor or shared by two rooms (Kordecki). That is why after your arrival, you will need basic equipment for cooking (cutlery, plates, pots – all you can find in supermarkets). You can use the Internet in all of the dorms. There is no WiFi access and the computers are connected by the network cable. The room fee shall be paid by X of every month either in the bank or post office. Each dormitory has a reception and administration office.


Depending on what kind of person you are and how you like to spend your time, you may be delighted with living in the dorm. Having lots of new friends from Poland and other countries, you can always ask somebody for notes or help when you struggle during lectures. If you prefer independence and you find it hard to stay among a big group of people, you might want to rent a private room or a flat. It will be definitely more expensive than renting a room in a dorm. You need to be aware of some upcoming obstacles for example not every landlord speaks English and the rental agreement might be printed in Polish only. For now, we can give you an opportunity to use services.It's up to you what you decide for. Remember to bring photo as it is essential to issue a dorm tenant card for you.